Nanyang University Bookcover

20170221_150352.jpgNanyang University (南洋大学) was the only Chinese language post-secondary institution and it existed between 1956-1980. In 1980, Nanyang University and Singapore University merged to become the National University of Singapore. The original campus of Nanyang was taken over by Nanyang Technological Institute in 1981, which was upgraded to Nanyang Technological University in 1991. Because Nanyang University was a Chinese medium academic institution, it thus also became a hotbed for many of the popular Marxist, Communist ideas that were propagated by the People’s Republic of China at that time.

This is a book cover made in 1962 by the History and Geography faculty tourism committee (the tour location was probably somewhere in China). The book cover spotted communist influenced artwork printed in red and two quotes from Tsiolkovsky and Victor Marie Hugo. Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a Soviet Russian rocket scientist and the quote was taken from “Beyond The Planet Earth” 1920: Man will not always stay on Earth; the pursuit of light and space will lead him to penetrate the bounds of the atmosphere, timidly at first, but in the end to conquer the whole of solar space. Victor Marie Hugo’s quote was not found elsewhere in any references and it translates to: Go forward Man, into the Great Abyss… our Inventions, Creations and Discoveries.. Do not fear Progress consuming the Darkness…Do not fear Progress conquering the skies. On a significant note, the bookcover bears the iconic memorial of the Yunnan Gardens, which is the birthplace of the Nanyang University in the 1950s.


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