Lost Mascots 3: Fi-drant the Fire-Fighter

20170226_182541Fi-drant, as the name already suggest, is a combination of “Fire” and “Hydrant”. The story behind this mascot is comparatively more epic than the other more well known ones. Despite its rather amicable outlook, it was poised as a hero caught in the good vs evil battle across the island, to combat its nemesis, The Fire Devil. This character was launched by Sonnie Lien, chairman of the National Fire Prevention Council in May 1987. This badge was distributed as part of the “Stop The Fire Devil” campaign, which was also co-organized with Singapore Fire Service, and aimed at appealing to children for awareness. The National Fire Prevention Council was conceived as a private volunteer organization and initiated by Home Affairs Minister Professor S. Jayakumar in late 1985, and formed by April 1986.


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