Welcome to SGHISTORICITY. Launched on 9 August 2016 (51st National Day), this blog is intended as a “Nostalgia Site” and as well as a repository of information on Singapore’s history, as told by pieces of artefact termed “ephemera”. Ephemera (singular: ephemeron) as the name implies are any transitory written or printed matter originally not meant to be retained or preserved; for example postcards, flyers, tickets, letters, etc, although many of them can turn out to be highly valued, usually as collectibles. For me, the value lies in how these items tend to retain important information or serve as vital clues in understanding better the more intricately detailed parts of Singapore history. Each and everyone of them tell unique stories that make the short span of history a rich and colourful one. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

  • Articles are categorised according to specific period in Singapore timeline.
  • Articles are intended to be informative, but not academic nor political.
  • All the artefacts featured in this blog belong in my collection and may be let go at some point.